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My Approach to Career Coaching

When I coach people individually, I start out with a very basic question: "What do you like to do?" After all, most people work 40 to 60 hours a week so you might as well spend that time doing what you want to do.

I also try to give clients a sense of reality about their target job in order to anticipate any potential obstacles that they must eliminate, avoid and/or overcome to meet their goals.

Lastly, I recommend that clients build a strong network by practicing what I call "altruistic self-interest"—that is, helping others whenever they can. Aside from being the "smart" thing to do, it's also the "right" thing to do. Because when all is said and done, helping others makes working—and everything else we do in life—worthwhile.

Here's a link to an interview I did with Peter Gault on his radio show, “Who Are You” on 216thenet.com. The discussion covered my background as well as my thoughts on networking and career development.


Who I Work With

Career changers at every level and profession
I’m good at figuring out how experience in one industry or/and position can be described in terms of a new arena.

Communications professionals
Having been a CD, copywriter, columnist, and recruiter for ad agencies, I have a special understanding of what it takes to find and succeed at a job in marketing, public relations, and publishing.

People in the creative arts
I'm especially good at finding connections between the creative and commercial worlds.

People in human resources
I help HR professionals present themselves in terms of ROI to corporations.

Entry-level applicants of all ages
I help students use their class work to demonstrate their hands-on skills as well as academic knowledge to potential employers.

Where I work
Wherever is most convenient for my client. It could be in my home in Chicago, a local library, a coffee shop or your office. I also am happy to conduct sessions on the phone, if that's more convenient for you.

Services and Prices

Coaching session at Columbia College

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